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Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) puts power where you need it most. We specialize in off-grid power solutions for a variety of remote industrial power applications – anywhere in the world.

GPT systems are known to be extremely reliable with minimal maintenance or training required. Our client list circles the globe and includes many well-known projects. Whether you're looking for a primary system or a back-up, incorporating solar panels into the mix, or overcoming a logistical challenge, we can help.

Scrolling down will provide you with brochures and information sheets (downloadable PDFs) for GPT TEGs, full custom designed equipment and systems to meet your unique site requirements. Categories include:

  • Project Overview sheets which provide snapshots of some of our past projects
  • Industry/Product application information sheets that offert typical products used in various applicatioins
  • Outline of key benefits of TEGs to provide power for remote locations.
  • Full line-up of brochures outlining specific TEGs, Integrated Solutions, Solar Hybrids and Cathodic Protection information.

If you don't find what you're looking for, further information or questions can be directed to one of our knowledgeable representatives. Our contacts page offers phone numbers to contact a sales representative near you; or click the "Ask The Experts" button on the top of this page. We'll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays or the first work day following a weekend or holiday.

Power Where you Need It

GPT customizes its industrial power solutions to fit the environment in which they will operate; however, some products may be more suitable than others based on the amount of power required. This brochure highlights some of GPT’s standard product systems categorized by their power output.

Products listed in this brochure are typically used for a variety of applications including:

• Oil, gas, product or water pipelines
• Well sites
• Offshore platforms
• Telecommunication sites
• Cathodic protection (Gas well, pipelines and other)
• Well monitoring and automation
• Security and surveillance
• Navigational aids
• Communication systems

GlobalSolarHybrid™ (Solar Panels + TEG)

Key Benefits of a Solar Hybrid System onshore and offshore:

1. Reduced initial cost
2. Increased reliability
3. Lower operating costs than fuel based systems
4. Reduced overall maintenance
5. Environmentally sensitive
6. Can be added to an existing PV system

Another great source of information is found on our SolarHybrid website pages.  You'll find detailed information on 'How It Works', 'Applications', 'Value Analysis', 'Green Engineering' and more.

TEGs for Cathodic Protection - Impressed Current System

Cathodic Protection Systems
If corrosion is a problem, cathodic protection (CP) may be the solution. Contact Gentherm Global Power Technologies for site-specific information and CP recommendations.

Summary Sheets:
Offer an brief overview of the system and TEGs associated with the respective region (temperate or extreme climate).

Offshore Platform Installations

Offshore operators face some of the most challenging conditions on earth. They need tough highly reliable power systems for their platforms critical loads. The information in this document provides a comparison between footprint size of P.V. vs. TEG systems. The comparisons extend to seasonal weather charts, impact on battery charge, comparing reliability and costs over the life of typical installations.

Project Overview Sheets

'Project Overview' sheets offer a quick snapshot of  GPT projects.  You may be surprised by the range of products we have manufactured, and combined with other equpiment, to meet our customer's unique site requirements around the globe. 

Advantages of GPT Thermoelectric Generators

This provides key benefits of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and a short overview of how they work.  It also provides a quick outline of TEG flexibility (solar hybrid systems to Multi-TEG systems) in various industries, providing reliable power to run a wide range of equipment.

Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs)


Our legacy product line of thermoelectric generators, convert heat directly into electricity. This brochure offers details on the theory of thermoelectric generators, industries that typically use them, their applications and more:

When To Specify GPT TEG’S
• Load requirements from 5 to 5,000 watts
• Critical application requiring highly reliable power
• Low maintenance is required
• Long life is important
• Extreme climatic conditions (hot, cold, wet or desert dry)
• Remote or unattended location
• Lowest life cycle cost

Integrated Remote Power Systems

The world leader in turnkey remote power solutions for over 40 years, Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT) specializes in the design and fabrication of integrated remote power systems. Our Global Integrated Power Systems are designed to approach the performance of our Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) in reliability, low life-cycle cost, maintenance ease, and long-term performance.

This brochure profiles our range of expertise and options that we offer to help resolve unique remote site issues.  We offer more than TEGs!

GlobalCharge™ Remote Power Systems

Cycle Chargers are designed for long-term unattended operation, but can also be effective in support of grid supply. GPT’s GlobalCharge™ is a fully self-contained remote power system offering continuous prime power from 300 Watts to 6000 Watts.

GlobalCharge can easily and seamlessly incorporate alternative or auxiliary generating sources such as wind power or solar power to create a GlobalCharge Hybrid system without sacrificing reliability.

AutoCP Interface Panel Brochure:

GPT’s Auto CP Interface Panel incorporates a fully features DC/DC converter that maintains a preset constant voltage potential based on a permanently mounted reference half cell (CuSO4) signal. The Auto CP Interface Panel automatically adjusts the CP output to evolving CP circuit characteristics, as monitored by the reference half-cell, providing a constant potential between Anode (+) and the structure to be protected.

GlobalRectifier Remote Power Systems

GlobalRectifiers are sized to match your installation. This brochure outlines the information needed to select the best option for your site.

Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

  • check marks GPT solutions are known for their ability to operate reliably in any environment.
  • check marks There are 35,000+ GPT products installed in 55 countries.
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  • check marks GPT's head office is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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