Batteries and Accessories

As Gentherm Global Power Technologies* (GPT) specializes in remote power, we offer a range of accessories for our systems. We partner with several reputable manufacturers to choose the best commercial and industrial products for customer applications.

*Formerly Global Thermoelectric

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Power Distribution - AC & DC

Power Conditioning - Inverters/Converters

Batteries/Control Enclosures

Heat Recovery (HRS)

Fuel Conditioning

Cathodic Protection - Auto & Manual

Control Systems

Power Distribution - AC & DC

DC Power Distribution Panels

Power distribution panels are available using NEMA, IP, & hazardous location enclosures. General equipment available includes voltage & current metering, isolation load breakers, battery LVD, load shedding, DC/DC conversion, digital and analog monitoring & SCADA contacts.

AC Power Distribution Panels

AC power distribution panels are also available using NEMA, IP, and standard location enclosures. General equipment available includes voltage & current metering, isolation load breakers, load shedding, digital and analog monitoring, & SCADA contacts.

Power Conditioning - Inverters/Converters

DC conversion

Electronic equipment often requires clean power to work reliably. If sensitive equipment is powered from the same source that runs your heavy loads, you risk interference or damage from surges and spikes generated by switching loads. Isolated DC/DC converters are used to provide stable and reliable DC power at many different voltages.
GPT can provide DC voltages in a range of 6.7VDC to 110VDC.

AC inversion

In some cases, equipment only comes in AC. GPT can provide the required AC voltages of 110 VAC 60 Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz to power this equipment. The main DC system power is used to run a high quality pure sine wave inverter for many sensitive AC loads.

Batteries/Control Enclosures

Batteries & Enclosures

Batteries are important in remote power systems, especially for photovoltaic systems. While batteries are not required for TEG system operation, a battery bank provides backup or covers peak loads. This is especially important when you have higher than average, intermittent electrical draws.
Battery banks for peak loading or backup power are available in ranges from a few AH to 6000 AH. Battery enclosures are available for indoor and outdoor applications for any climate or location.

Many of the batteries GPT uses for TEGs are also used in PV systems (Solar power).  To see more information visit the Global SolarHybrid page

Battery System Integration

GPT can also supply a custom design for TEGs, solar systems and hybrids with a standard battery bank of 2000Wh or 4000Wh (2 or 4 batteries) in an outdoor enclosure.

For other GPT products like GlobalCharge, larger battery banks are configured to suit your application.

Heat Recovery Systems


GPT can provide efficient climate control for shelters by using heat from generators. For TEGs there is the Heat Recovery System (HRS). The HRS provides heat to the building by using the waste heat from a single TEG. In GlobalCharge or GlobalStation systems (scroll down for more information on these), the heat from reciprocating gensets is managed by automatically controlled louvers for heating and ventilating.

Fuel Conditioning

Gas Pressure Reduction Systems (GPRS)

GPRS's are required when fuel supply pressures from gas wells or pipelines need to be reduced to a usable pressure in order to be consumed in fuel burning appliances & equipment.
GPRS's can be as basic as single stage pressure regulation, relief valve, mounted on a open rack without heat for the regulators, or more complex with a 2-stage pressure reduction system with 2-stage regulation, pressure relief valves, pressure gauges, catalytic heater and particulate and coalescing filters. All systems are contained within a environmentally controlled cabinet.

Natural Gas Conditioning

GPT provides a full range of filtration, fuel conditioning equipment, and liquid knockout vessels for natural gas. Scrubbing systems are designed to remove liquids, hydrocarbons, CO2, NO, & H2S.

Propane Systems and Vapourizers

GPT provides propane systems including bottles, vapourizers, tank heaters as well as custom pressure regulation and controls. Propane fuel has only 3.6 PSI vapour pressure at -40C therefore, some conditioning is required to bring it back to a usable pressure. Suggestions for operation on LPG above -20C can be found in our Ask The Experts section. For operation of equipment in more extreme cold, GPT recommends a discussion with one of its representatives.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection Panels (Manual-adjusting)


 Cathodic Protection Systems Brochure - International (USA & S. America)

 Cathodic Protection Systems Brochure - Canada, MENA & Australia

Cathodic systems, with a stable ground bed resistance throughout the seasons, may require small adjustments to the CP voltage or current. They normally use a manual-adjusting system. CP panels are available for single or multiple loads complete with easy to adjust manual voltage and current outputs.


Cathodic Protection Panels (Auto-adjusting)


AutoCP Interface Panel Brochure - International

Cathodic systems with a ground bed resistance that varies throughout the seasons require continuous adjustments to the CP voltage or current. These systems are normally auto-adjusting. Auto-adjusting panels for cathodic protection are also available for multiple loads.


Control Systems

Remote Control TEG systems

GPT has a range of control systems that enable power systems to remote start/stop, conduct monitoring and send information for diagnosis on various components. These capabilities are invaluable for remote sites with ready communication. Different control systems are used for GPT TEG systems, GlobalCharge, GlobalStation and GlobalPrimeGen.

You can visit our Youtube videos directly to see some examples of what GPT does or follow these links:
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Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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