Solar Hybrid Power Generation

We make solar work for the world

Solar-only systems fail due to extreme temeperatures, snow/debris covered solar panels and reduced daily available sunlight. GPT's Solar Hybrid systems combine the power of solar (PV) with a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) for the most reliable off-grid power system available on the market today. 

  • A time lapse series of videos shows how a GlobalSolarHybrid works in average,
    above average and below average years for solar radiation. Click here to see them.

Retrofit It - Add a TEG to your existing PV system

What if you have an existing PV system that is not meeting your power demands? Simply add a TEG to your existing site to create a powerful, energy efficient hybrid system.

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Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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