Power Conversion, Distribution and Storage


The output of power generators commonly needs to be converted and distributed to meet the loads' requirements. Customer equipment is also often separated into critical and non-critical loads. GPT has proven conversion and distribution strategies to meet any need, which may be as simple as a distribution panel up to multiple AC and DC voltages with redundant converters and inverters on critical circuits. Systems have also been deployed that prioritize loads in the event of an outage, keeping the most critical loads live as long as possible. GPT's staff works closely with the end user to understand and deliver the correct blend of conversion and distribution while maintaining the lowest possible cost of ownership.

In many cases there is a requirement for energy storage. The requirement for storage is driven by several factors – the reliability requirement for either backup or base loading, the size of the load, charge and discharge requirements, environmental factors, and autonomy requirements. Every site and application presents a unique set of those factors. Our approach is to model the conditions and requirements to determine the optimal battery size, type and configuration for optimal performance and life. Although batteries are simple devices, they are very sensitive to how they are transported, stored, deployed, charged and discharged. At GPT, we take care of every detail and take into account all the variables in a such a way that batteries deployed by GPT in our systems last much longer and perform closer to the manufacturer's specifications than most batteries deployed in conventional ways.

Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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