Fuel Conditioning and Fuel Management

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Gentherm Global Power Technologies* (GPT) has worked extensively on conditioning fuels for compatibility with power generation devices and has a proven track record. Operating power generation equipment on raw, untreated natural gas can lead to operational instability and failures.

Not all remote power systems require liquid fuel, but when they do, it becomes a critical factor in achieving reliability and availability targets. Fuel varies tremendously in type, composition and pressure, from application to application. It can be a liquid like diesel, a gas, or liquid propane gas (LPG).

 Compositions of each fuel type can also vary significantly. For example natural gas can be sour or sweet, saturated with water and liquid hydrocarbons or completely dry. The amount of inert species contained in the fuel can be a small fraction or a large one which impacts the energy content tremendously as pressure can range from a few hundred kPa to many thousand.

 Our solution can be as simple as a pressure regulator or as complex as a skid with regulators, knockout pots, carbon dioxide filters and pressure relief valves. Of course, making these components work reliably in extreme environments, or in classified areas, is a challenge GPT has mastered.

Here's how:

In the case of liquid fuel, like diesel, the system requires secure and safe storage, filtration, containment and treatment. This could include treatments that include heating to help the systems withstand extreme cold. When using LPG, the biggest challenge is ensuring sufficient vapourization at low temperatures. GPT employs one of several methods to address this issue. Our choice of which solution to employ depends on the application.

Leveraging Renewable Fuel:

In some cases GPT leverages the renewable fuel of solar radiation and wind to compliment or augment remote power systems. Employing photovoltaic panels and/or small wind turbines reduces the system's fuel consumption and, if designed properly, will enhance the overall system reliability. GPT cares about reducing carbon footprints and has proven methods of using the carbon-free fuels of the sun and wind in reliable remote power systems. For more information and examples of Solar Hybrid benefits see How It Works  and Solar Hybrid Applications pages

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Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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