Electrical Shelters and Enclosures


Some remote power systems require shelters or containment. These can range from a simple sun-shade or fence, to a ‘reach-in' enclosure or a secure self-structured building. The shelter may be required for security, environmental control or to house the your panels and equipment within a common system.

Two key questions to help determine if your site requires a shelter and the type of shelter are:

  • Does the operating envelope of your electrical equipment, batteries and power generators
    match the conditions of the site?
  • Does it provide the right environment throughout the year to adequately protect your
    equipment from the elements – not just the average days but the worst days?

Over 40 years of experience has taught Gentherm Global Power Technologies (GPT)* a lot about proper containment and environmental shelters. Our enclosures need to be tough as they are often located on the highest mountaintops, hottest deserts and coldest tundra.

GPT is technology neutral on containment design.
We will identify the most appropriate system to provide the highest performance and lowest overall cost of ownership. Through proper shelter design, you can achieve efficiencies in capital and operating costs. By combining the power system and a site's application-specific equipment (panels, controllers, monitoring, communications, etc.), fuel efficiency can also be realized. This may include using less overall fuel volumes, heat recovery from equipment or from levelizing loads. Having one shelter can reduce total site capital, optimize security costs and minimize installation labour.

Leveraging GPT expertise with extreme environments, we carefully design systems by modeling:

  • The electrical and thermal characteristics of the equipment in the shelter
  • The performance of the shelter itself
  • The extremes of the outside environment.

GPT has developed special design features to optimize equipment for extreme climates and has tested these in the field.


*Formerly Global Thermoelectric

Gentherm Global Power Technologies*(GPT)  Remote power products are designed for a minimum 20-year service life.

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